The first 3 years of my life were in ANKARA

Images just like a photo frame… Some feelings that never go away… Then, the most fun route of my semester holidays …

The following 8 years of my life were in BODRUM

Kindergarten, primary school… The best childhood memories in Bodrum’s best years… Running from sea to school, from school to sea… Hide and seek, dodgeball, amata… Sour grass, tangerine, sage…. Raşit’s Café, Kumbahçe beach, Atatürk Primary School… The smell of fireplaces and rugs… And also, the scent of my grandmother… The waves of the southwester hitting the door… The games played between the twangs of glasses with children who were not originally from Bodrum, like me, on the street of taverns… The laughter of writers, poets, bohemians, actors, and the poor … Nights and lives that misled some of us and deepened some of us in the following years …

The years when my mother asked “have you seen Yaprak?” and anyone passing could answer the question …

The following 17 years of my life were in IZMIR

My lonely days without friends in Izmir, where we had no ties … Izmir, which we got used to after a while but rushed to Bodrum at every opportunity and always returned with sadness. The city where I spent the winter, my least favorite season of the year, during my youth and where I could never feel that I fully belonged to. A high school student at first with wet eyes, timid, then cheerful, and the last few years crazy. Starting the school by crying and graduating from the school by crying… Then the university…. JOURNALISM… Again, İzmir, new friends, and business life… Saying “Journalism is not only a theoretical but also a practical business” and entering from the door of YENI ASIR, a newspaper. Another school… Love for work … Not going home, always wanting to stay in the office… A total passion… Always journalism and journalism after graduation … To forget even Bodrum. Running to work on Saturday, Sunday, holidays, and summer. Always beautiful but sometimes difficult days in private life…

After I said “Both of my grandfathers were general managers of Etibank as successor and predecessor to each other. Now my boss owns Etibank. Isn’t it a coincidence?” Etibank went bankrupt and I found myself in front of the door with dozens of people… Etibank, shame on you! Or Etibank owes me…

Return to BODRUM

Taking shelter in Halicarnassus by saying “Since I cannot work as a journalist, what am I doing in Izmir? Let’s go to Bodrum and do our own business, let’s have children…” A true shelter… Trade, marriage, and a sweet girl in the family circle… Losing the scent of the grandmother in this world. One day, “Oh, when did I start journalism again?” surprise… This time, journalism in Bodrum… Running around with love for two years, can’t stand the local impossibilities, shallowness, and heartbreaking gossip … This time, “Give your hand Istanbul…”

Right now … ISTANBUL 

Even though I am from a family from Istanbul for generations, my path had never crossed with Istanbul permanently… When I was old enough to make my own decisions, I ran away all the time. I could not break away from the Aegean where life dragged me. Until a voice inside me said “time is running out. It’s now or never” … Packing and coming to Istanbul under all sorts of difficult circumstances while almost everyone said “you cannot make it there” … And my making in Istanbul with all my cells from the first day… While saying to myself “I entered the world of magazine publishing, I met with the field of personal development”, realizing that I had never known myself and these first brave steps….

What a path it is!… I still watch life in astonishment every day.

I read, write, watch, think, speak, have fun, love, get hurt, worry, get angry.

I mean I live life to the fullest…

By realizing its value more and more every day….

This part is…

For those who say “stop the verbosity and tell about your professional knowledge” or those who wonder both …  

  • 1980-1985 Bodrum Atatürk Primary School
  • 1985-1992 İzmir Private Çamlaraltı High School
  • 1992-1996 Ege University Faculty of Communication, Department of Journalism (Not by chance; conscious choice of profession)
  • 1995 In the junior year of the university, I started to work as an intern in Yeni Asır Newspaper in the team of the former Mayor of Konak Municipality, the deceased Süha Baykal. I continued to work with this team until I graduated from university. Reporting + photojournalism
  • 1996-1997 İzmir Journalists Association
  • 1997-2001 Editor in the Editorial Department of Yeni Asır Newspaper
  • 2001-2002 Ege-Koop Press and Public Relations unit
  • 2002-2007 Shop Management in Bodrum
  • 2007-2008 Editor, Editorial Director and Business Administration in Bodrum Yarımada (Peninsula) Newspaper (daily publication)
  • 2010-2011 Editor in Güneş Newspaper Editorial Department
  • 2011-2014 Formsante Magazine Editor / News Director in Doğan Burda Magazine Group
  • Reporter and Editor for Anadolu Sağlık Hospital and Acıbadem Healthcare Group magazines
  • Editor of Acıbadem Sport Magazine
  • Editorial Director of Florence Nightingale Hospital Magazine
  • Bebeğimle Elele (Hand in Hand with My Baby) Magazine Editorial Office
  • Editor in Chief in Journal of Bayındır Health Group
  • 2014-2020 Editorial Director of Pozitif Magazine
  • 2020-CoFounder of Mümkün Magazine, Yuka Ajans, Yuka Dükkan