A letter to may shadows

The person who does not respect my life, my choices, my curiosity… I am angry at you because you are my doubts about myself.

The woman who broke into my private life without my permission….

I am angry at you because I think I have the right to do the same to you for what you did to me. We are the same, we have no difference.

The colleague criticizing my work….

I’m angry at you because you are a reflection of my own insecurities.

The driver who cheated me of my right at a pedestrian crossing … I am very angry because by doing this, you are telling me my fault to my face of the opposite directions I entered, knowingly or unknowingly, and the people I didn’t let go.

The sibling who always says “I can’t do it” … You annoy me because I look at my things that I “can’t” while looking at you.

About whom I say “always complains, sucks my energy” … You are the echo of my complaining voice; now I know.

The woman who wants to change her life but cannot act … I find you coward and it irritates me because… You know…

My fellow who says “Did you gain weight?” every time she sees me… You are not that slim either, but I know, if I were at peace with my body, you wouldn’t say it, we wouldn’t even meet that often.

My mother, who often pushes my buttons by worrying. I see my worried state in your face, that’s why I don’t have tolerance.

The acquaintance to whom I said I could not hold a candle about arrogance… I admit it is my own arrogance when I see you and get angry.

The rich I call “uncouth” … I’m actually angry at the walls I built for money, not you.

The friend accusing me of selfishness … Look at your selfishness, since you are so uncomfortable. But if I am uncomfortable with your discourse, I know that one end of the rope is in me …

My dear companion, whom I keep poking, “Come on, you can do it” … One would first tell everything himself/herself. I get my share of this cake; you can also take a large slice.

My father, who was a successful critic … Work it, we are the same. Shall we balance a little?

My friend, who has started to discredit with determination a new person I met … Yes, you are the reflection of my doubts about that person. I understood.

The boss who turned down my job … Even if it does not clear your arrogant attitude, you are the one who actually approved my judgment that “it will not be liked” with my free will.

The person who constantly interferes with my life … I realized I had to protect my space, thank you, and goodbye.

The kid at whom I got angry for not being diligent enough and for being lazy … You remind me of my times of laziness and my fear of failure with low grades. I accept you as you are. I hope both of us get well soon.

The persons I judge by being too judgmental … The match is a draw …



My shadows … I am you; you are me! I wouldn’t be whole without you. Love is actually a place where light and darkness are together and accepted as they are.

I am grateful to all of you for the mirrors you have given me to this day. I realize; I’m transforming. I wish you to embrace the shadows you see in me.

And all my family, friends, and colleagues who unconditionally offer me the love in their hearts, see my beauties, achievements, differences, cherish me, accept me as I am … You are the reflection of my light.

Thank you.

(P.S.: Some of the shadows in this article are representative, they do not belong to me.)



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