Which one is real?

Numbers flow in front of our eyes at the same hours every evening. The number of tests performed, the number of cases, the number of deaths, and the number of patients recovered… If we are programmed with previous day comparisons, hours of comments, and closely following the agenda, this certainly means that our brains have been oppressed with fear…

Some of us do not believe in the published figures thinking ‘these are not real numbers; facts are hidden from us’, and it would not be true if I said “I am not suspicious of the figures”. Let’s say the numbers are hidden from us; the number of people who lost their lives due to COVID-19 is much more all over the world… And one day a journalist reached all the real numbers and explained them to us.

Will we reach the truth that day?

Italian journalist Tiziano Terzani was diagnosed with cancer in 1997, abandoned his way of life, and went on a journey to find healing. He tells the story of this journey in his book “One More Ride on the Merry-Go-Round”.

What he says about journalism on page 16 of the book expresses very well that I, as a colleague, have been feeling deep inside me for a long time but cannot put into words:

“… The events I once had pursued with passion did not excite me equally anymore. With the passing of years, I learned that things never reflect the truth and behind them, there is always something else, a situation – like another level of reality – that I could not catch and journalism was not interested in that, especially as it is practiced nowadays. To continue this profession would mean to continue what I had done. Cancer gave me a good opportunity: I wouldn’t repeat myself”.    

Years ago, my dear friend Bhanu Foxley, a woman from India living in Norway with her English husband, said, “Don’t follow the agenda, don’t read, don’t watch, don’t listen…. Doing these will not change the result but you can affect if you are internally peaceful”. Again, we were on the eve of one of the local elections on which the whole country was locked, and it seemed something irresponsible to me and impossible to do. Moreover, I was a journalist. Okay, I was doing health news, I had no business with politics, but it was my responsibility to follow! I objected and she smiled with understanding, but she put a bug in my ear.

I thought about it, turned it over and over, and looked at my states that came up while following the agenda. I was really getting nervous, getting angry, grumbling, and these situations were hurting me only. It did not affect other than my body producing harmful chemicals and possibly the anger energy I spread to the common consciousness. I finally listened to the voice of that beautiful soul, who is no longer with us today, and suddenly I was disconnected from the whole agenda. The months passed… I realized that my life was no deficient. Yes, I wasn’t missing anything. Back and forth, the same things were spoken, the same discriminatory discourses were repeated, but this time they passed without affecting me. On the other hand, I started to be a person who got out of the effect of that poison and could look at the events from a wider perspective. Memorized sentences were not just pouring out of my mouth anymore. I started to realize what I thought, what I said, and the effect of these on the whole. I am not talking about turning my back on everything or careless selfishness, but a calmness that tries to see the big picture, an observation that takes place like watching a movie.

That was the time I started to think about the truth. What was the reality of this world, this country? What was the reality of what we experienced? Was there a truth outside? Was I doomed to what was told to me? Or was it my inner state that created reality?

Since I was not in favor of going to the extremes in any subject, I gradually followed the agenda again, and I fell into the traps and disappeared on the agenda, but I never returned to my original state.

Now, during these Corona days, you are called to go back inside you, listen to yourself, decide when to start your new life when the quarantine days are over… Do not find this call romantic and put these words aside; the thread of your truth is perhaps at the tip of them. From now on, perhaps the explanations of the authorized mouths, the condition of the foreign currencies, the circulars, or other details of the newsletters will determine who you are, who you will be, and how you will live.

The following statistics do not seem to appear on our screens: ‘today, these many people have peace of mind, many are grateful for the moment they live in, so many chose to surrender themselves to the flow of life, so many are worried about the news they read, and so many of them have been hospitalized as a result of the fear that produces harmful chemicals in the body and reduces their immunity’. However, the invisibility of this data does not mean that they do not exist. We produce a thousand kinds of emotions, cling more intensely to some of these emotions, and as energetic beings, we influence each other at any time and distance. So, we have a responsibility; first to ourselves, then to the whole…   

Knowing that in this process, some people do not follow the agenda closely and they have peaceful days in their daily work and their daily enjoyment (and they abstain from announcing it with the concern about being lynched), some people’s focus is not getting sick, but just helping, and some people have been able to do things to which they have resisted for years. knowing that they had to act on issues, some of them had to work hard, some of them lost their jobs, and of course, many people passed away – may them rest in peace…

Let us think once more:

Which is our truth and who determines this truth?

Published on the blog page on the date of 20 April 2020.  




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