The trap of distraction

As we progressed for a more aware life, we have heard many times that we are “layer by layer like onionskin”, and when we confirm and when the time comes, the layers will peel off in order.

At the doors we knocked on to have a great love or to earn more money, the issue reached such points that we realized that our first day matters were the fishing line of the issue.

We returned to ourselves many times; we returned to ourselves again and again…

But sometimes we fall into a trap at this point; into the trap of distraction…

Maybe we went to seminars, reclusions, and training sessions that felt great while we were inside, but we could not convey those intriguing and tearful “moments of connection” to our daily lives. We went again to experience that feeling, we listened again, read again and again and again…

We wanted to distract but this was not due to our blindness…

We wanted to distract because we were scared. But with this much knowledge, we all knew that at the deepest level, there would come a layer that we could not put to look at and dare. And who knows maybe there are even deeper levels.

The knowledge that everything in life is an experience, the good and the bad are the judgments of our mind and the sweet power of surrender did not prevent us from distracting and delaying.

If these lines mean anything to you if you are trying to turn off the alarm and sleep a little more like someone who wants to sleep again after turning off the alarm, if you are in an endeavor to play and to keep on distracting, if you say “Yes, I am distracting this but not yet, not now, not the right time”, on the other hand, if your perceptions are clear enough to notice this trickery…

That moment when you face the most frightened can also be the moment when you realize that a brand new, gleaming door has been opened within you and you feel the strongest to date.

Fear is an assumption and experience is a reality and it is always experience that nurtures people.

Let’s not worry, blame ourselves, but let’s look honestly, what is the wound we are most afraid to touch now?


This is the ‘from the editor’ essay published in the 32nd issue of Pozitif Magazine, October 2019




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