Did you hear?

We were sitting around a table, a group of people who had just known each other. The personal story of one of us was opened as the subject. It was the common issue of many people due to the dynamics of the group…

She was the most skilled among us and because she was experienced, she did not comment, she only listened to the problem. Despite the insistence, “come on, comment”, she remained silent. Then a sentence came out of her mouth… It truly revealed her experience; it was soft, short but shocking…

The comment required stopping and thinking, even ruminating. When it was comprehended, it made us feel deeply that it would bring great peace. Briefly, she said “let it go, you haven’t let ‘the past incidents’ go and that is why it happened, so leave them, relax, and live…”

My eye caught one of the women for a moment. We had talked about this issue with her a couple of hours ago. Her problem was the same. I saw her playing with her phone. She was not listening to the conversation or even if she was listening, she did not hear it. She did not want to leave her problem yet.

I don’t judge her. I can’t… Because I know that state. It was me who ignored the message I was told openly and risked my life just at the very same place a few months ago, wasn’t I?

We wear outdoors but do not hear them.

We read books but do not hear them.

We engage in rituals but we do not hear them.

We have dreams but we do not hear them.

Is it not the right time or do we choose not to hear it? I don’t know the answer to that. Is there a single answer? I’m not sure of that either.


She suddenly became me while looking at her. I was sitting in her chair.

She was me…

I was the one who was most interested in advising at that table.

I was also the one who wanted the subject to change, get to the appropriate point, and crack a joke.

I was also the one who had my back to the wall…

I was also the one who thought ‘What are they saying? Where is the coffee?’

That’s me…


Are we the drops of an ocean, cells of another being, atoms of an item? I do not know this. But for a moment I realized that every person around me is unique. So, I say to myself “those who know meant this”.

Then our coffees arrived. We were like “who wanted without sugar? Mine is with sugar…”

Then I started dreaming of daily life again.

Have plenty of vigilance.

With love…


Published in the 33rd issue of Pozitif Magazine, December 2019



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