Devil is hidden in comparison

It happens so quickly, so automatically, so suddenly that we do not even realize that we compare ourselves with others.

We have been compared so much that we never question what we do.

I wish I were like her/him.

I wish I looked like her/him.

I wish I wrote like that.

I wish I talked like her/him.

I wish I traveled like him.

I wish I had awareness like her/him.

I wish I practiced yoga as she/he does.

I wish I was calm like her/him.

I wish I had advanced as much as she/he did.

Without forming these sentences or even without thinking about these phrases, we feel this way with just an ache inside and move on. Or we think we move on.

We do these by spending drip-by-drip what exists in our essence and what belongs to us and dreaming of collecting drops that will not stay on us.

While comparing and comparing…. Days, months, years pass.

Life ends before you are not you and like her/him either.

Now, if you came out of the comparison that is taking you away from you right now…

If you remember that you are valuable in every way you do and do not/cannot do…

And after that, if you took a step for your dreams that belong to you…

Then, wouldn’t the spring come?

Published in the 29th issue of Pozitif Magazine, February 2019



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