Creating your own reality

I have a little story for you.

When Pozitif magazine started publishing in April 2013, I was having one of the troubles that I would later say, “a good thing has happened to me.” I was in search of “there must be another way” and the road had taken me to myself again; it was not others or circumstances that had to change, it was me. It was precisely in those days that thanks to Pozitif, I knocked on the door of many people, with whom I could find answers to my questions, and switched on my voice recorder. I reached a lot of information by saying “oh, why haven’t I heard them until this age?” I knew then that I had the power to create my truth. I didn’t have to live what life brought; I could bring new issues to life. I had never heard them or heard about them but did not care because my right time was ‘that point in time’.

I had started to create my little miracles even though the people who looked from the outside saw me living the same life for a few months. Today, I openly share my creation with you because you are reading this article at the introduction of the magazine.

I confess!

This article was written exactly one year ago with great joy and enthusiasm with no clue as to if I had come to this position. It was saved on my computer to wait for its release. Today, I am before you as the editorial director of the magazine that I have been latched on to heartfeltly since the first issue. Hello there!

I am grateful to my guides on this journey. We hope you come across your guides on the pages of Pozitif magazine and create your truth.

We also have good news; Pozitif will now be on the shelves every two months. See you in September…

This is the introduction of the 10th issue of Pozitif Magazine. July 2015



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