Everything is internal

In 2015, I devoted my Saturdays and Sundays of ten weeks to a quantum coaching training that I attended by going from one end of Istanbul to the other end. To summarize all the hours of training in one sentence, I would say: “Everything is internal.”

When we say “But he/she did that” from time to time, the saying of our coach “Our finger is always outside, always outside” is always in my ears because I still fall into the trap of throwing the ball out of bounds despite all the information we listened very carefully in the training.

This statement can be annoying, especially in cases where we consider ourselves quite right. But after accepting ‘what is inside, there is outside, too’, believe me, life is much easier.

There is a fact that we have to accept that we cannot change anyone. Think about it; whom have you ever been able to change just for the reason that you wanted that person to change? However, we can change ourselves. When we change, people’s approach to us changes. No people enter the attraction area of the people who are transforming the problem of self-confidence and make them feel insecure anymore. Transforming the sense of worthlessness, the woman no longer needs movie extras that will remind her of her worthlessness and she sails to beautiful relationships. The man who says “I will only be happy if I have money” really feels happy when he frees his happiness from this condition and the flow of money starts only after that. The vicious cycles in our lives are breaking and disappearing one by one.

Now let’s adapt one by one the phrase ‘everything is internal’ to our private life, business life, health status, financial issues, and the issues of the country and the world we live in. In which areas does your ‘Internal’ create beauties, conveniences, and obstacles? So why is it doing this? What will you change and your world will change? What will we change and our country will change? Let us realize our responsibilities instead of regretting like this: “why is it happening to me?” Let us all clean our rooms as individuals so that the beauties start from us and spread to our family, social life, neighborhood, city, country, and the world.

We have a great Christmas gift this month for people who think “where do I start?” We shared the steps of the transformation with you week by week in the agenda we prepared with Communication-Relationship Specialist and Regression Therapist Hande Akın. Hang this guide somewhere you will see every day or fold and carry it with you. Please add a cute note pad and a pen next to it and use them.

Because the world will be good as long as you are good;

Everything is internal…

This is the introduction of the 12th issue of Pozitif Magazine. December 2015






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