The love beetle

While there are so many incidents that hurt us around, the things that some people cannot bear the most are words such as ‘positive’, ‘love’, ‘energy’, and ‘being one’ …

There are increasing terrorist incidents and great pains, so they should be cursed, the incident should be condemned vigorously, the news should be followed closely, and scary scenarios should go from ear to ear… Should they happen?

Or should these happen: people should be aware of what is happening but try to raise good energies without being the victims of fear and losing their inner balance. People should pray for goodness and even imagine that they are healing the hearts of these people who have closed their hearts for some reason.

If you are doing the second one, you can have an insulting ‘love beetle’ sticker in the middle of your forehead.

Let it be…

Let’s be a love beetle instead of a disaster monster.

Let’s talk about energies instead of having chats that interfere with other people’s private lives.

Instead of saying that this country will not do better, let’s focus on what we can do for the better.

In the second sentence of the conversation, instead of saying “you know, hell temperatures are coming this summer,” let’s also follow the ‘good’ news to be able to say, “you know, forest schools are opening for children; people are starting to return to Mother Nature”.

Let us all be leaders instead of keeping our eyes on the horizons to wait for salvation from others and finding the leader of our dreams.

Instead of handing over our will to others for a more serene life, let us awaken the “healing” within us.

Let’s clean up evil, curse, violence, anger, and grudge from our thought and tongue.

And let’s always be the love beetle.

Let’s believe that when we reach the critical mass, more people will go into love and we will live in a beautiful world.

“Tranquility and peace can never exist unless they start inside the human,” says Mooji. And for centuries, dozens of ‘enlightened’ people have been saying the like.

We forgot our humanity and we don’t listen to them.


“If people say ‘I’m human’

They must do something” *

* The Mongols (a music band) – Something Must Be Done

This is the introduction of the 17th issue of Pozitif Magazine. March 2016




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