Paying a price

I have many beautiful friends who contribute to Pozitif Magazine and dozens of valuable people who have reached us to be included in the content of the magazine. Let’s put it this way; our subject warehouse is full but we have never had a usual meeting on topics because the magazine determines its content. A few days before the print, the cover message clearly shows itself. This was also the case in this issue and the subject was ‘peace’. When dear Azra Kohen said, “not peace, actually understanding” on the phone, it all fit together. Yes, in this issue the subject is UNDERSTANDING … As you read the interviews and columns, you will realize how people who do not know each other or even live in the same countries concentrate on the same subject.

We have to understand each other and to do that, we have to first understand ourselves and our humanity.

It’s over now!

Whether we want to accept it or not, keep doing the what we have been doing for a long time such as getting angry with the other, cursing each other, sitting in front of the TV and swearing at people, judging each other, just feeling sad and pity for people, not forgiving people every day on the bus, metrobus, traffic, workplace, and not forgiving people, especially our closest ones, will not take us to a different address. The place we will arrive by doing what we have done until today will not be a different address. Our bits of anger will combine and grow, they will fall on someone again and we will be sad again.

We need to change.

What is the Dreamer saying in Stefano D’Anna’s book ‘The School of Gods’?

“The payment of the price in advance is the choice of a healed humanity. And this price is one’s change. So, this is the synthesis of the ultimate functions in a person, such as mindfulness, self-awareness, transforming negative emotions, and getting rid of the surpluses inside a person.”

Dreamer continues as follows:

“Humanity can renew itself, rebuild and be reborn, and regain the embedded will. There is no need for a mass revolution. The real transformation of humanity takes place with the transformation of a single individual who reaches his/her integrity and unity.”

Just like that…

Are you ready for your individual revolution?

This is the introduction of the 13th issue of Pozitif Magazine. January 2016



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