Cleaning oneself up

We had a hard time; we are having it. Even if we know that these are not for no reason and that they will definitely open a door, anger and its close friend rebellion can often get out of their hiding and take the control from us. Sometimes people say, “What can I do in this situation?”, they fall into despair and create the negative. Whatever we pay attention to, we grow it, and the issues we focus our attention on these days are not promising.

At these moments, I often think of the proverb Bed Mattress*.

In a nutshell, it says:

“Imagine yourself in a tar bed with many people. You are covered in tar from head to toe and you cannot move fast due to the density of the tar. You suddenly discover a magic device that keeps your body clean. You stand out as the people around you are still in the tar because you are different and clean. Others can no longer ignore you and they are about to change! They make way for you and then ask how you did it. More people will be cleaned when they learn. You didn’t ask them to be cleaned, but a cleaned person created many cleaned people!”

You get it… This is an invitation to be cleaned in the tar bed we are in. What is the magic equipment? Even though a particular tool is mentioned in the continuation of the story, everyone’s magic device is different… As long as it supports us to see the big picture, open our hearts, and move on the tar bed calmly and cleanly.

You have read many times on these pages, but it is worth remembering once again that whatever is inside of us, there is also outside of us. Instead of getting angry with others, let’s calmly turn around and ask: why is this country experiencing them? What is my share in this? What’s the solution?

Let’s change something in our lives, even if it is small. Let’s try to remove the news from our focus. This does not make us indifferent and insensitive. When we feel sorry for the news, let’s just thank the gone, for the big message they give, and then intend to receive the message, peace, tranquility, and brotherhood.

In times of difficulty, Pozitif is always with you. Turn the pages to remember the system…

What was the proverb saying?

A cleaned person created many cleaned people!

See you in November.

Stay with love…

*Kryon-Don’t Think Like a Human/Akaşa Publishing

This is the introduction of the 11th issue of Pozitif Magazine. October 2015



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