Believing in the non-visible

Summer… The season of relaxation, bending, enjoying, joy, sun, sea, and sand… More precisely, this is the meaning we attach to it. Do you feel like you will hold on to this meaning and live the life of another person in the summer? And then do you realize that you are still the same person every autumn? Do you say “it turns out that the solutions and remedies are not in the season”

Relaxing, bending; in fact, should be our reality independent of seasons, age, time, and place. Over the years, we need so much that those walls of the mind, of which the bricks are built with a lot of labor and mostly trouble, have to be bent.

But they don’t want that…

If we let this a little bit, and let it bend a little but a little bit, that is, if we try to take a look at a few more options on what we call “as sure as two and two is four” for years, people stand in front of you saying “hey! Are you crazy?”. From your closest family member to your neighbor, from your colleague to your manager, even your governments; they do not want that! In the life you are born, they expect you to believe only what you see, live without disturbing the order, do what is said, do not do what is not said, read, work, earn money by selling your time, marry, give birth, and die. Moreover, we expect it, both from ourselves and from others.

However, the options are endless, the roads are abundant, the help is always there… The options, the assistants, the roads that we cannot see with our eyes … They are there. The only person who will activate them is you, me, and he/she…

Bird Bernie was afraid to fly. One night, he did not fall asleep, scared that his mother would push him out of the tree and not fly and crash on the ground just like his other siblings. When he tied his feet to the nest with rope and his mother finally pushed him down one night, he found himself in the face of the brain doctor Sigg. The doctor asked why he was afraid. “I don’t believe in the air,” Bernie said, “I can’t see it. Everyone is flying, yes, but flying is not for me since I cannot see the air.”

The doctor asked, “You can’t see the air, so what are you really afraid of?” Bernie said he was afraid of crashing on the ground. The doctor asked what was going to cause him to crash into the ground and Bernie answered “Gravity”. “You can’t see gravity right now, can you?” the doctor asked and continued: “You can prove gravity when you jump down from the nest. But as soon as you jump down from the nest, you can also prove that the air is there because it is just like gravity. You can’t see it, but in fact, it is there.” As you can imagine at the end of this story in Kryon’s seventh book, “The New Beginning,” Bernie flew without waiting to be pushed down and he couldn’t get enough of flying on the first day.

Have a summer full of solutions that you can bend to believe what you feel without having to see it, get out of your home, and fly!

With love…

This is the introduction of the 15th issue of Pozitif Magazine. June 2016



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