Who should be my guide?

If you are reading this magazine right now, the sparks of the desire to set off in you have appeared, perhaps it has gotten out of control. You have now realized that you have a chance to change things in life and that this can only be done with your will. But at this stage, there is a very important question: “Who will guide me?”



We become each other’s guides in life. A friend uses such words in a conversation that – he/she is not even aware of the effect of his/her words – from that moment on, things are not the same. The change has begun. Sometimes somebody tells us, “your behavior that day changed my life” … From time to time, a book, a movie, or even the words of an actor in a TV series that we underestimate, a screen face that we dislike, and even a newspaper article from the other end of the world make it happen.


We often guide ourselves. What we do without thinking about it, the things we do, and the roads we turn open to such beauties… But we don’t remember the first step. How did we set off? We don’t remember. We did not think about it because we have followed the sound of our hearts, that is, our most important guide.


Since we, who first learn to listen to their minds, forgot to hear the sound of the heart, some things do not change or transform, even though we sometimes say “I want it to happen”. That’s when the search for a guide begins …

The questions ‘who will be this guide of yours, who will you encounter, and to whom your feet will take you’ consist of a purely personal matter. As they say, “if the student is ready, the teacher comes”. But our minds are in a hurry, they want to solve it as soon as possible; waits for immediate health, money, love, and promotion.

Here is one answer to the correct guide questions that you frequently ask us:

Your mind guides you first. If you have a thought pattern that says “I can heal if I pay a lot of money,” you will apply to the popular and expensive, if you say “If I pay a lot of money, I will be overcharged”, then you will apply to the cheapest and perhaps the person you can arrange for free. Everyone and everything has a function in the system and all these options have to exist. Things may change over time; your heart may lead you to stay or go to someone else. Sometimes you spend years, then you get angry and leave everything thinking ‘I couldn’t win for losing’… Anything is possible on this path. The matter is not like social media posts: “Think positive then things go positive”. Things force us, make us confront, cry, test our patience, and sometimes overwhelm us. But even if you think you give up, you will get up and walk again after a while, that curiosity is already inside you.

I think the most attention should be paid to this: whether you love or believe very much, do not see anyone superior to you, do not depend on anyone, and do not transfer your will to anyone and any beings you believe in. Nobody knows the end of the movie, your guides can show you the way they have gone, and this is very valuable. But every person is equipped with features that allow that person to be his/her guide; if he/she believes that and if he/she is hardworking about it then he/she will find his/her way.

All the best…

This is the introduction of the 17th issue of Pozitif Magazine. October 2016




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