Being strong

The official Turkish dictionary explains what power is in exactly eleven articles. I think the most inclusive statement is: “The ability and strength to resist an effect”.

We feel as strong as we can resist difficulties.

We feel strong as much as we can stand:

In this country, in this city, in this society,

As much as the money in our pocket, as much as a lover in our arms,

The house we live in, the car we ride, the dress we wear,

As much as the company we work for,

As many as the number of people we meet,

As many as the “likes”, we receive,

As high as the hills for which we fight tooth and nail,

As much as our “Despite…, despite…” expressions…

But always with the help of an effect from the outside or as much as we can resist an effect.

So, to be strong, for example, there will be little money, but we will earn it with all our strength, the boss will be bad, but we will rise with all our strength despite the boss, the country will be going down but we will resist.

I respect all of these very much but…

What about power?

As a wise person said, is it “achieving maximum results with minimum effort”? …

What if the easier we make something, the stronger we are …

What if we are creating challenges and struggling with our creations and declaring ourselves strong…

What if the easier we make something, the stronger we are?

We hope that we have prepared an issue that reminds you of your strength.

With love…

This is the introduction of the 21st issue of Pozitif Magazine. July 2017






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