Trust that joy

Shall we experience something together before we start turning the pages of our new issue?

Wherever you are, sit back for a moment and take a deep breath.

Whatever is the issue that strains your mind these days, even flows into your body and tire you in every sense…

Take a few more breaths where you feel the trouble of that issue in your body.

Now submit this issue to the high consciousness that our minds cannot understand or perceive, believing that it will be solved in a way that you cannot even dream of now.

Believe heartedly that it will find the solution to your highest good at the place where you submit it.

This will be the case.

Believe me.

You know the little joy that emerges right in your heart the moment you do this.

Trust it.

As the wise person Işık Yazan, whose interview you will read in this issue, says;

“Happiness is not something that can be achieved, it is something that can be discovered. It is letting go: it happens itself while one is in the state of “allowing” what happens.

We hope that the content you will read will contribute to your ‘allowing what happens’ state.

With love,

This is the introduction of the 22nd issue of Pozitif Magazine. May 2017




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