Being positive

I want to confess:

We also feel faint about the concepts such as personal development, being positive, and spirituality are misunderstood, they are judged on this mistake or emptied by being used very often.

It is now inevitable for us to write a few lines to convey the common feeling of many people who contributed to this magazine and to clarify where we stand.

Our minds love to categorize. We now have categories such as “personal developers” and “spirituals”.

At one end are some personal development experts, and at the other end are those against them. However, do you know who the opponent of both is? In the words of Mr. Ünal Güner, whom you will read the interview on page 30, “those who do not take sides.” Those who have reached the neutral, that is, awakened … Those who find the balance … The positive ones …

But it is also a fact that the giving hand is better than the taking hand and the giving hand moves you a little bit more to the positive end. But if you go too far, you will contribute to the growth of the world at the other end which is dependent on material and power.

What does it mean to be positive?

Not to go to the extreme… To see and accept things as they are, but not to be afraid of them, not to feel anxiety, to trust life…

Where do you think our need for personal development originated from?

Could it be because we want to get out of patterns and categories and become UNIQUE? Do they realize that unless those who get angry in personal development think flexible, they will grow personal development with more of its negative aspects?

Then, what is personal development?

Personal development is not a product. I think it means a balanced internal development and the word ‘personal’ refers to the fact that “change starts from the individual”.

How does a person develop?

We see that the expectation is very high … Some promises are too big! Could a new ‘you’ be possible in any sense in a single study? What if development arises from unexpectedness? Haven’t people left the expectation for internal development in the spiritual rich lands of Anatolia for thousands of years? Isn’t personal development at every moment of life? Was it absent all the time? Does the fact that it is coming from other cultures today change the fact that it has always existed in this land?

Who should be your guide on this road?

If you are looking for a guide, I can say that your intention will take you to the right person. Consult and withdraw. If you are hoping for help from that person and if he/she wants to enchain you, it is useful to look at the matter carefully. The task of the guide is to convey information to you and progress only takes place if the person takes responsibility for himself/herself.

Let your guide be the “teachings that have passed the exam of time”, as Işık Menderes says, of whom you will read the magnificent column on this issue on page 66.

All the best.

This is the introduction of the 19th issue of Pozitif Magazine. February 2017




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