A never-ending cycle

One of our friends was once faced with the danger of losing her home due to financial difficulties. Every cloud has a single lining and now she is trying to sell the same house as soon as possible. As her friends, we used to pray saying “we hope she will not have to sell the house” but then we started saying, “We hope she will sell the house soon”.

One of us told us a story shared by the respectable instructor Cem Şen on social media the other day and said, “I compare us to those who immediately comment on each event in that story.” We laughed quite a bit.

Here is the short version of the Chinese story ‘The Lost Horse’…

A man famous for his interpretation of events lived on the northern border of China. One day, for no reason, his horse fled across the border, into the lands of nomadic tribes. Everyone tried to console him, but his father asked, “How can you be sure that this is not a fortunate thing?”. A few months later the horse showed up. Along with it, there was a magnificent stallion belonging to nomads. This time everyone congratulated the young man, but his father said, “How do you know this is not a disaster?” asked. Their home was further enriched by the newly arrived gorgeous horse. The young man loved riding this horse. One day, while riding his horse with pleasure, he fell, broke his hip, and was injured. All their neighbors came and tried to console the young man, but his father asked, “How can you be sure that this is not a fortunate thing?”. A year later, nomadic horsemen, who crossed the northern borders, attacked Chinese territory, and every young man who could hold a gun took his sword and arrow and joined the army. Only one-tenth of these young men who went to protect the border could come back. The young man was not demanded to participate in the war because he was lame and the father and son survived and supported each other.

This is a story that we have to read again and again these days…

Because this cycle will always continue… Producing ideas and emotions by focusing on a small part of life will always mislead us.

It is now time to live in wisdom and compassion, focusing on what we do not want and in calm, not on the faults of the other (!) party, but on what we want and our individual development.

This is the introduction of the 16th issue of Pozitif Magazine. September 2016





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