Sometimes you don’t want to hear a single positive sentence. For example, even the spots on the cover of Pozitif magazine in your hand…

The mottos that you encounter as you surf in the virtual world, sometimes unfounded advice that dictates quite a bit,

Sometimes even the good articles with good content,

Inspiring human stories, videos,

Cheerful kids, happy couples, cute animals…

None of them are good for you.

You want to pretend that they feel good, you smile, share, take shelter in movies, books, or delicious food, stylish clothes, and holidays.

But it’s not working.

You get yourself into various moods not to feel it, but that energy that is stuck in your chest and stomach is not going.

Let it stay. Let it spread to all your cells. Let it hurt.

When it is acknowledged, its state will change as well… Just like everything and everyone else that is acknowledged…

Remember that if there is no emotion that you consider negative, there will be no positive either, it is a cycle, when you acknowledge the energy, which is stuck, this time and when you get the answer of “why did I experience this?” honestly then you will get over the next visit of that ‘stuck feeling’.

Please always remember that the magazine you are holding in your hand is trying to tell you not to feel very good at all times in life, but to feel every emotion boldly without any discrimination,

And that it exists for you to enjoy the swing from plus to minus and from minus to plus.

See you in September…

Stay with love.

This is the introduction of the 26th issue of Pozitif Magazine. July 2018



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