We learned but for whom?

Let’s consider ourselves in a conference room.

The first speaker talks about the power of frequency, “you attract whatever has vibrations at your frequency” she says.

We say “yeees!”.

The second speaker says, “the world consists of all reflected by you. If you change, the world changes as well”


The next speaker says, “All the events you experience give you a message; life speaks to you.”

“We know!”

Then we leave the hall. Here is what we know, we comprehend, becomes noticeable after getting out of that door.

Perhaps, this is revealed in the tone while we say “would you pay a little attention!?” to the person who hit us in the congestion while coming out of the door.

How much do we comprehend what we listen to, what we read, what individual work we do? How much do we put ourselves in the middle of the information we obtained?

Or do we like the arrogant side of “everything is reflected from me” and say “I, I, I” and continue to say “you, you, you” in problematic situations?

Confess; have you not said at least once, “I wish I never knew this,” when many of you could not put information about awareness into practice?

Haven’t you experienced the hell of this state?

I said and experienced it. It can happen again.

But then it passes because time is working in our favor about this. It takes time for information to enter the cell and be integrated with us.

Ignorant is the person who says, “what I know is enough for me.”

Wise is the person who practices what they know…

Will we be ignorant or wise?

Will we make information a load like donkeys carrying books as Rumi mentioned in his book Mesnevi or will we ride on the “ambler” of information?

See you in the next issue, with love…

Published in the 28th issue of Pozitif Magazine, December 2018



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