Be negative

If you want positive experiences, be negative first…

As Dr. Gilbert Renaud often emphasizes, be negative so that you can look at the shadows, the energies stuck in you, the secrets that your ancestors covered, and the troubles you pretend to cope with but repress.

Be negative so that the secrets you observe can transform.

Let them transform so that the problems that arise in your body – in your mind or your child’s body – in your child’s mind will be solved.

Be negative; remember that you have a share in everything you are angry at, you criticize… Realize that sometimes you also break the rules by thinking “just once; it’s no big deal”, throw rubbish on the ground, disrespect someone, enter someone’s area, and above all, maltreat yourself.

Do not use superficial methods saying, “let’s be positive, talk positively, let’s not code ourselves.”

Do not share it as if you are very happy at any moment… Remember that someone can believe this and feel very bad.

When you feel depressed and do not want to go into detail, share that feeling… For example, say “sometimes this is the case” …

Be yourself. Be honest with yourself…. With outside as well…

Grieving, crying, suffering, and experiencing the unrest of one’s existence is not the end of the world, but itself…

Say, “My problem is my solution” and go on; flow…

Without blurring and freezing … *


I told all these to myself. I wanted them to touch people who need them.

Take care.


*Rumi – Towards Freshness 

This is the introduction of the 26th issue of Pozitif Magazine. October 2018



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