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We wrote a story with Serda from the Pozitif Magazine team in the past months with the Chinese Whispers method. Its name is Notice Me … A love story written by two women …


The method worked as follows;

One of us wrote the introduction to a story that had never been fictionalized yet. Inspired by that part, the other of us added a few paragraphs to the sequel. Between us, we did not talk once about the story but just waited excitedly about what the other would write. The other of us continued the fiction started by one of us, sometimes pulled it to a completely different place, the direction of the story changed completely. We changed hands about six times like this; heroes were born, side characters, places, times accompanied them and a new life began there.


This collaboration has been a good ego rasp for me as well as the opportunity to write a good story.




I did not know how my friend would continue the story piece I wrote.


I did not know if she would write according to the fiction in my mind.


I did not know if the features of the hero I was dreaming of were also in her mind.


Was there anything mine, I didn’t know that either.


In the first few times, I watched her take the fiction away from my imagination, with a slight uneasiness.


Then I quit.


I stopped thinking “Will she write according to my fiction?”.


And I just started getting excited:


“What will she write?”


Whenever a new episode came, I rushed and looked, sometimes burst into laughter, I prepared sweet surprises for her, sometimes I went to the computer immediately to adapt to the new episode, sometimes I had to sleep after that for a few nights.


I don’t know what Serda went through during this time, we didn’t even talk about it.


After the story was finished and brewed for a bit, I read it again.

I witnessed what a beautiful story we were able to create without resisting, controlling, embracing, and adapting, and producing solutions.


And I realized how similar the formation of this story was to our life.


Life is like this. Sometimes we see that an unknown hand added fiction to the script.


What are we going to do?


Without resisting the paragraphs that we cannot control, without embracing the fiction, without saying “In any case, I want to see my wish come true”, we will create sweet, new lives in our lives by adapting and focusing on the solution.


With love,







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