Domestic visa can be real in a close future

We had a holiday that reminded us of the saying “A guest does not want guests, and the landlord wants none of them”

Judging by the dynamism and social media posts in Turkey during the holiday, everyone has become the consulate of their city and does not let anyone pass.

While preparing dozens of documents to be able to go to Europe, from the civil registry office to the insurer, from the workplace to the child’s school, waiting in the queues and being condemned to a word that will come out between the lips of the “intermediary” staff, while saying “What is this? Look at the suffering we’ve been through; the guys are treating us like…”

I wish a distant voice, a disturbing buzz, a memory that is undesirable to be remembered but cannot stay where it was suppressed somehow sprang …

I wish they said …

There is no need to go this far; in your city, did you welcome those who came to the center of the city from holiday to holiday because that was what they could afford? Or did you say “The suburbs temporarily migrated to the center; it is best to stay at home”? Even if you didn’t say these, did you think about them? Did you always want them to stay on those “mountain tops”?

Did you write on your social media profile, “Don’t come back, we are so good” when everybody went to the beaches on vacation and the city was yours? Come on, if you didn’t write it, didn’t you think about it?

Did you say “Don’t come, folks, you ruined this place” when local tourists poured in the seaside where you once settled but then considered yourself a local there? As if the right to come was only yours …

When your shopkeeper neighbor said, “tourists better come so that we can pay the rent”, did you want these places to be yours only?


Did you look at people’s automobile license plates and put labels saying “He is definitely a bear” and “That is the traffic monster”?

Even though those who rent out the places that you do not like in those holiday resorts are always the locals of those towns, have you ever thought ‘what is the life of the lessor like? Why does he/she rent out? From what he/she had suffered until the tourism boom?’ while criticizing the life of the lessor, manager, and the one who comes to have fun there?’ Or didn’t you care? Was it enough that the place you had settled was as you wanted?

The list goes on and on like this …

If we are honest, the answers will not be very pleasant.

We do not love each other.

Moreover, this is not just an ideological situation.

We really do not love each other.

Instead of talking, understanding, agreeing, telling …

We say “don’t come, go, stay away, don’t come close”.

Moreover, what is happening to us today is just because of this “pushing without understanding”, but we stubbornly push each other further, we are even more disintegrated.

We will soon ask for a visa between our cities, but on the other hand, we are angry with the visa application to us.

We don’t love ourselves, who would love us?

We don’t want each other, who would want us?



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