Everything should change, except me

You are sad… You are worried… Now that sentence that has touched us deeply and is always in our minds:

“What will happen to this country?”

You don’t have the mood to look at newspapers and televisions.

You say, “I can’t watch or read them anymore, dear, I swear that my heart can’t handle them”.

Oh, where are those old days? You always remember them.

You don’t know what you want, but you are very sure of what you don’t want and whom.

You don’t even want to go out on the street anymore.

Disrespectful people have filled the city, ugh, you are disgusted.

The country is out of joint.

There are no rules or laws.

You want someone to come and do something.

Somebody should come, somebody should do it, somebody should fix it.

But you do nothing; you change nothing.

It is only your right to stay the same.

For example, you smoke and you want everywhere to be smoking areas.


You want to smoke as usual in cafeterias, taverns, bars, and the bottom corners of the places but you want the country changed in the meantime.

You have lots of excuses, too …

It’s cold outside.

I can’t enjoy smoking if I don’t smoke while drinking.

I have only one pleasure, don’t touch that, please.

Are we going up/down there now? Isn’t it too far?

What happens if we drink?

We can smoke one by one so there won’t be much smoke.

We are doing business during weekends only so we let them smoke.

And many more…

You are producing so many “buts” for this prohibition, but you forget that everyone’s “buts” are perfectly valid for them.

Either light another cigarette and everything stays the same.

Or let the change begin with you.



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