Which one is your original state?

We were getting out of the very impressive Bohemian Rhapsody movie. The story of the band Queen and of course Freddy Mercury touched us directly, cleanly, without making us cry much.

She said, “I understand. I will make a difference if I’m myself, I don’t have to try to be like anyone else”.

She is only 14 years old…

She already has the knowledge that I comprehended in the 40s and tried to apply.

She realizes that Freddy Mercury’s courage to be himself in the 70s has enabled him to be with us today and that is exactly why he is still with us …


Queen’s legendary soloist Freddy Mercury


What is it myself? Who am I?

A while ago, I just realized that it is clear and the answer is before our eyes …

For example, where were you born or raised? For various reasons maybe you complained about growing up there or were embarrassed. But that city is exactly what makes you.

Where were the streets of your childhood? Who lived in those streets, what smells and sounds did you hear? What games did you play, what roles did you get while playing? Were you the leader all the time or a team member?

What did the family you grew up in do? What was different about it? Which stories were spoken most? What stories of the past were most commonly told? What memories were spoken to you ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times for you to hear and notice?

Did you learn swimming while growing up, communicating with animals, exploring mountains, or the good life in the heart of a city?

Could childhood memories that you still remember today with rage, anger, and resentment have the potential of the biggest leaps in them?

What memories did you remember when you were growing up? Which childhood memories come to your mind when you go to the shower, wash your face, walk on the road, or at any moment? Have you ever thought why? What is the name of the file of these memories in the subconscious mind, what comes out of them if you click them?

Which movies, which scenes of the movies are the most heart touching movies/scenes for you? Does the abandonment scene of a child or a death touch you deeper?

Which songs touch you?

What are you doing on your own? Are you working it in the kitchen, are you a great storyteller, do you organize all social organizations? What are the things that you do with pleasure on your own, and take action without thinking about what you will gain materially and spiritually?

Which joys and hobbies do you hide in case your colleagues will make fun of it?

Which dream are you pushing deep because your partner is despising?

Which states of yours are you afraid of the most because your father will not be proud or your mother will criticize?

How would you dress if you were ‘you’? How would you eat?

How are you trying to show yourself to your child and isn’t he/she really aware of it?

In which areas of your life do you struggle the most and instead of admitting and sharing that you have difficulty, do you get ill-tempered and pretend to handle it?

What are the traits of yours you try to hide the most?

What if they are actually the ones that most expect to be revealed and the uneasiness in you will only go away then …

Who are you?

Which one is your original state?     



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