If you are in a hurry, don’t start

We were just at the beginning of a study, she approached me and asked, “What else have you done like this?”. I had experience in a couple of “demos”. I explained. She asked for the practitioner’s name. And in the first break we gave, she asked for the practitioner’s number…

She was absent on the second day of the study. She was probably dialing her phone to make her new appointment.

This is a topic I’ve been thinking about for a long time. We want everything to be resolved immediately, and we forget that the times between our work for this are life itself.

The following questions are often asked from many people I don’t know:

Who do you think should I go with?

Do you think I should attend this training or this study first?

And the similar ones I cannot answer …


I can say go to the one with which you are comfortable and please go slowly.

Go one by one and elaborate …

Go without raising dust inside you.

Go without saying “If this doesn’t happen, then that; if that doesn’t happen then another one”.

Go without forgetting the motto “The shortest way is the way you know”.

Or don’t go …

The symbols in my dream were very clear the previous evening. I would like to comment without going into too much detail so that it will heal not only me but all of us.

Garbage has accumulated in your house. You want to discard it and you are right. There are two options; you will either tie the bag when you squeeze it and throw it down the window, or you will take off your slippers, put on shoes, maybe get a jacket on you, exit the door, go down the stairs, exit the building and put it into the garbage can.

(Of course, there may be different scenarios according to the characteristics of your living spaces, the symbols there can be interpreted. For now, let’s proceed with those in my dream).

We do not throw the garbage of our house down the window because if we throw it, even if its mouth is tightly tied, the bag bursts, and the dirt is scattered everywhere. And the garbage mess…. A terrible slurry where everything is mixed together! The hardest thing to clean… Then there will be a lot of work to do because the dirt will be in front of your house. Also, if we look a little more carefully, the garbage you threw from the window before, saying “it doesn’t matter where it is but I want it to be out of my sight”, is still there …

If we pack the bag well, go down the stairs step by step, and put it in the trash, that is, if we work patiently, the system will take care of the rest. We don’t even think about what happened to that trash anymore. Maybe we can hear the sound of the garbage truck arriving in the evening, if we are aware of it, we will send a thank you to the cleaning staff, it’s over, that’s it …

We can read this story as follows; the garbage, which is tried to be eliminated immediately, so that everything will be settled immediately, let’s be very happy, our faces always smile and we do not have any trouble i.e., extreme positive expectations make such a transition from vertical to horizontal, that is, from positive to negative that we are shocked about what we are going through.

The roads that are reached with excessive positive expectations turn out to be extremely negative, the garbage that is tried to be discarded is spread everywhere.

There is a cute Bodrum story. In one of the narrow streets of Bodrum, a guy from Istanbul gets angry with the car that stops in front of him and starts to sound the horn. The driver of the car in front slowly gets out:

“What is it, why are you pressing the horn?”

“I’m in a hurry,” says the man from Istanbul.

The local guy responds in a very relaxed manner:

“Hurry? What are you doing in Bodrum then?”

These issues are like that …

Call it “personal development”, “awareness”, “finding one’s the essence” or whatever path you call it, if you are in a hurry, don’t proceed on this road. Not because it concerns anyone, but because of the possible harmful effect on you …




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