Tell me, can you forgive?

Our biggest sickness is our prejudices.

The antidote is to confront them because:

Every person has at least one thing to learn from the other.

I was waiting for the movie for Timuçin Esen’s acting, who had always been a bit mysterious, showed up everywhere and then returned to his world.

Honestly, this was my only curiosity about him.

The acting was above my expectation, but the whole movie was truly a surprise.

If I hadn’t seen this movie;


Until this time, I would not have known the singer Müslüm Gürses, who had a weak silhouette in the background of my life.

I wouldn’t be able to see the joy of two children who licked the cones in their hands as if they had ice cream in them in a life that one could say “this much only happens in movies” and remember that happiness was hidden in moments.

When the young Müslüm escaped from his father’s beating and came in front of the Community Center, I wouldn’t feel the call in the music “Hey Friend!” in the background that touched me deeply (Haydar Haydar).

I would not recognize the dignity of Limoncu Ali, Müslüm’s first teacher, who spoke little but taught a lot and never intervened.

I could not admire the unlimited forgiveness of Müslüm – including his father who killed his mother – and the admission of Muhterem Nur.

I would not have known how the nickname “Father”, which followed Müslüm, fitted him, and what a deep meaning it had beyond an arabesque discourse.

I wouldn’t realize that he forgave the fan who jumped on the stage and stabbed him, he said “They are doing this because they are in mourning” for the fans who cut themselves with a razor blade, and, oh, what a meaningful emphasis that mourning was.

I would not learn that the Müslüm held on to life with the book of Yunus Emre, which his brother gave him as a gift and had a picture of a “cone without ice cream” on the cover.

I would not have realized the story of the love of Müslüm and Muhterem Nur and how their love, which was born from the combination of their injured subconscious, turned into a deep love.

I would not be happy that Timuçin Esen, who has been interested in music for many years but is not well known for this aspect of his, was really talented in this field and that this emerged with the gift of Muslim who is no longer alive.

I would not be able to read the dimension, door, and approval symbols of the dream that Timuçin Esen told in an interview – maybe he was not even aware of it.

If I hadn’t gone to this movie, I would have continued to live with the prejudices that I wasn’t even aware of.

Another piece of ice melted from my heart, thank God!


“Muslim, your voice will only stop if you are silent”.  

Limoncu Ali





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