Towards a change …    

How good it is to migrate from somewhere every day

How nice to settle somewhere every day

How nice is to flow without clouding or freezing*



Everything starts with an intention.


With that intention that we created with a sincere desire, then stepped forward and finally reached …


It’s like sitting in a restaurant and ordering a meal.


We look at the menu, choose what we want to eat and drink even though we are sometimes undecided, we mention our choice to the waiter, and then we sit back and wait, making sure that it will come in a while.


What then? In other words, after the order arrives?


We can swell our stomach by eating quickly without enjoying it.


We can say that we do not like the meal and even return it.


We can be lost in conversation talking about our problems and chill the meal.


Maybe we object to the check i.e., the cost of the meal.




We can enjoy it and drink a pleasant coffee afterward.


Then we pay the price we have already accepted, and we leave the table with peace and joy.


To sit at another table when the time comes…




A few years ago, I had an intention: to address you on this page.


The day has come, it has come true, and I tried to enjoy every moment. I learned, wrote, told, laughed, had fun, sometimes I was wrong, sorry, confronted, and cried.


It is my intention that has come true and that taught me not to get stuck, not to shackle myself, to progress, to protect my field and my rights, to know myself, and to leave the table when the time comes.


Yes, I’m getting up from this table and making room without shackling my intention.


With the enthusiasm of new intentions, I’m getting out of my comfort zone and leaving Pozitif Magazine.


Let our magazine always be so beautiful with your loving devotion, promise?


With love,



* Rumi









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