At a stroke

As a journalist, I worked in different areas with different titles such as municipal news, judiciary news as an editor, local press, and as a health correspondent. In these processes, neither I questioned the effects of some of the news I wrote on the whole, nor anybody else… We were accustomed, we were born into it, we couldn’t question it. However, we had faults; we were creating judgments, perceptions, and fears without realizing it. Nobody seemed bothered.

I realized that during my professional life, “personal development” has been the subject that has been talked about the most, loved the most, sometimes exaggerated, criticized as the occasion arises, and even mocked. This is a “people who do not criticize are beaten up” situation…


I have an answer that I am very sure of…

It may take time for a person to face herself/himself. You can mock or you can call it selfishness or quackery, but you want to resist. Because if you take a step, you innerly know very well that you will have to take off all your masks and armors in that direction.

You ridicule those people by saying “I don’t need it; why are people doing these things?”, then you find yourself at the door of those people in trouble you can’t get out of.

However, if you don’t resist, the answer is yours… The biggest mistake of human beings is to look for things “away from them”.

Even more beautiful is to see that the world you watch becomes beautiful as you find own answers.

I assure you that if you have a bit of hope that our future will be more loving and conscious about unity and we, who have taken bold steps on this path, all have a share in it.

We started to hear the issues and the terminology, which we have worked through, labored, confidently spread, and put our hearts, in the areas and from the mouths we have never expected.

I know; you are aware of that, too.

I also know the wonderful interactions in the background of this table.

Who knows what else happened, who met which hearts, touched them…?


Let’s go on to walk on the path we believe, to give effort, to love, to smile, to embrace, and to shine…

As the light rises, the dark will always make its last flutter, but…

Miracles become visible all of a sudden.

Published in the 30th issue of Pozitif Magazine, May 2019



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