Spiritual meter

Months ago, we, ten people, sat together enjoying the most beautiful view of Ortaköy, Istanbul. We all had invaluable contributions to this magazine and of course, we all had problems with this life… Words about astrology, planet, eclipse, array, moon node, blockage, breath, and vibration flew about.

Then one of us said, “What would a reader think if he/she knew we had prepared the magazine?” We laughed at first but we all knew that nobody is exempt from anything. Having more information does not change anything.

What makes the difference is how much we internalize information, how we react to what life brings.

There is no spiritual meter because some people are racing their spirituality these days. Indeed, I think the proof of being on the path of spirituality is only hidden in our reactions, words, and states… It is in over anybody’s head to interpret where we are in that path.

Here is a point where we have to be very honest with ourselves. Something that distinguishes us, you, the passengers of this path, from the others… It is not something that makes us, you or them superior, but rather a malfunction…

That’s the following: we can be much more hypocritical than those who choose to live life with only five senses. While starting the conversation with the consciousness of unity and finishing with the power of the heart chakra, we also fall into the traps of daily life.

Besides, we fall into them knowingly… While our intuition is objecting, we say “But what can I do? That’s life” and fall into them.

We did not talk like that in the last training the other day but what did we intend in that circle of sisters? Whom did we wash with white lights in individual studies? We even studied healings for the good of the whole world at the same time. Remember, we shared such a post recently that everybody sent plenty of heart emojis and praised our wisdom. And also, we read great books.

Then we experienced something and took refuge in the correctness of the judgments of hundred years again:

What can we do? This is what we call trade.

A partnership is difficult, no one can be trusted.

Business life is brutal, I will stay out if I don’t follow the rules.

This is how management is done, or they will walk all over you.

Men cheat; they are unreliable.

Money is hard to earn, be cautious.

This profession does not make money in this country, find a guaranteed job.

This country is hopeless; we have to make for other countries.

And many more…

In other words, we do not say, “I am afraid of applying those pieces of information to my life; I am scared of changing my life” but we say “am I the one who will change this order?”

Yes you, yes me, yes, we do…

When we take a step in the light of our knowledge instead of holding on to definite judgments…

Even when everybody mocks and says “he/she has gone crazy” we know where we stand…

When we believe that it is possible for centuries of judgment to be broken with us today, right now…

In this universe, where it is understood that no being and matter are separate, when we comprehend that each snake touches us all at the same time and we do not wish long life to the snakes that do not touch us (there is a saying in Turkish “let the snakes that do not bite me live long” that expresses selfishness and the English version of it is “let sleeping dogs lie”).

See how the spiritual meter will run and how good it is that we will no longer have any concern to prove anything to anyone.


If that voice in your mind is still saying “is such a thing possible?” then listen heartedly to what different people are saying in different parts of the world. It will be good for you to see the people, whom we evaluate as “others”, struggle.

Joaquin Phoenix, who received an Oscar this year with his acting in the movie Joker, admitted at the award ceremony that he was a selfish, hard-to-work and even cruel person and nicely expressed himself:

“We are afraid of the idea of ​​personal change. Because we think that we have to sacrifice some things and give things away. But when people are at their best, they are so creative and so talented…”

We reach our best when we support each other. I am not talking about the times when we write each other off because of our past mistakes but the times we help each other to grow. About the times we educate and save each other…”

Best wishes.

May love be with you…

Published in the 34th issue of Pozitif Magazine, March 2020 



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